April 24, 2021


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Today we've released the next version of PageOptimus

In this minor release, we've added one small but important feature. Now PageOptimus can compress images without conversion to WEBP. The problem is that WEBP format is still not so widely used as it should. There are many CMS that still do not allow users to use WEBP images. Even the most popular CMS in the world WordPress does not support this format.

Quite often a user needs to have strong experience in programming to be able to replace JPG/PNG images with WEBP. But even if you have all the necessary knowledge, it can take a significant amount of time to do all things properly.

In some cases, it is much easier to simply compress existing images and update them on the site. A such images compression can give you a significant boost of website speed and increase your score in PageSpeed Insights.

After a such quick improvement, you can start to think about proper WEBP support in your project.