January 25, 2021


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Today we've finished development and testing of the first version of PageOptimus. PageOptimus is browser extension for analysis and performance optimization of a web sites. At the moment it is available for Google Chrome only. You can download and install it from Chrome Web Store.

To be honest, it was quite difficult to release the first version. Our web site is far away from ideal. The extension does not have the most interesting and powerful tools. Nevertheless we decided to release it because we do sure that PageOptimus already has a lot of value for end users.

What Is the Next?

We already discussing and planning new exciting features for the next versions of the extension. We use Agile development approach with short iterations. It will allow us to release new versions of PageOptimus every 2-3 weeks. It will be great if you also can take a part in discussing of the project. Your feedback and experience of using PageOptimus is very valuable for us.

But the best thing what you can do is to criticise us — tell us about any problems or any inconveniences you face in the process of work with PageOptimus. Or you can tell us about your routine tasks concerting performance optimization and promotion of your web site.

Of course, your're welcome to share any new ideas and features which can make PageOptimus even better.