Speed of Your Web Site Matters

COVID-19 has dramatically increased digitalization of our life. Today it is more important than ever to maintain performance of your web site on a high level. And that is why:

Better Impression

Any e-Commerce site owner know that loading time of the site has huge impact on sales.

But fast web site is important not for internet stores only.

Most of the users decide how your company is good based on your website.

Better SEO

Did you know that Google is ranking faster web sites higher than slower?

The most of SEO guys don't pay enough attention on performance.

That is reasonable because they're not experts in this area.

Context Ads and CPA

Performance optimization can even reduce your advertising expenses.

Google is using performance metrics of your site to calculate Ads Quality Score.

Cost of CPA in Google Ads depends on this score.

Optimization is a cyclical process

One time is not enough

Performance optimization is a cyclical process

The most of performance optimization tasks can be performed only once. For example, enabling data compression, proper caching, web page structure optimization and etc.

Some other actions should be performed from time to time. It is especially important for a frequently updated sites.

Your content manager can download a couple of nice images from Internet and use them for his articles. But there is a big chance to decrease performance scoring of your site.

That is why it is not enough to optimize your web site only once. You need to control performance of any published content.

Page content details snapshot

Content is under control

Analyze performance of any web page in two clicks

Get detailed information about content of any web page on your site

Our extension will help you to find not optimized images easily. We do some calculations to show you how exactly non-optimized images impacts on performance of your web site.

We also provide convenient tools which will allow you to optimize images immediately and get the best possible compression with the modern images format - WEBP.

Just two clicks - and an image will be converted and downloaded on your computer

How professional your site is built?

Take a look at internals

Do you want to know how programmers did their job?

Brief report will allow you to see any technical pitfalls which impact on a user experience.

Unlike report about content quality, this report contains information related to performance of whole web site.

Your developers can dive into technical stuffs and quickly fix the existing problems.

It is really important to do this piece of work.

Try our extension for Google Chrome and review performance of any page on the Web

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New exciting features ahead

What else?

We have a lot of ideas which will allow you to take a look on your site from the different angle

The next major release will contain essential tools for SEO analyzing.

Nowadays, everyone understand importance of SEO. But it is better to ensure if Google really likes your site.

A lot of exciting features on the road. We're hardly working on new improvements. So, your ideas can be very helpful.

How much does it cost?

You can start to use full version of the extension absolutely for free

Flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model serves your individual needs. Pay only for the features you really use. No monthly subscriptions or long-term contracts required.

In the process of work the extension spends internal credits. They're necessary to convert images or analyze performance of a page. Based on your needs, you may purchase additional credits on our site:

Premium support: No
Credits: 75
($ 0.00)
Premium support: Yes
Credits: 350
BYN 35
($ 13.46)
Premium support: Yes
Credits: 1000
BYN 70
($ 26.92)
Premium support: Yes
Credits: 2500
BYN 125
($ 48.08)

Still not sure if you really need it?

Feel free to give us your Email and we will show you how exactly PageOptimus can improve your web site.