February 7, 2021

The next version of PageOptimus is released

Today we've released new version of the extension.

This is minor technical release. PageOptimus is still under review in Chrome Web Store. In order to pass reviewing process we've decided to create new solution for WEBP images conversion. This one new solution works in 10-30 times faster than before.

In order to achieve a such great improvements it was necessary to use some third-party solution. We're still monitoring how efficient new solution is. Most likely, it will not affect on the current pricing model.

Anyway, we want to create PageOptimus as cheap as possible. Sometimes it is difficult, but we do believe that we need to care about our users in the first head. Technical challenges is our part of responsibility.

The next version

At the start we've expected to include new image optimization algoritms into the next version of PageOptimus. But it was necessary to release this version ASAP without any other features. So, the next verison will just contain minor updates that were planned before.